Introducing NeuLion's 2018 Summer Interns

Company Culture

With our internship program having been a smashing success last summer, we are thrilled to welcome 8 new interns to our team for the summer, 3 are very familiar faces, joining us for another summer of learning.

Continuing to grow the program year-over-year, we've added 3 new departmental tracks: Project Management, Finance and Security, alongside the established programs in Marketing, QA and Development.

Our interns arrived hungry to learn, with a sense of urgency and eagerness to contribute that is contagious. Over a ten-week period, the interns will each complete projects within their respective departments, while simultaneously working on a group project analyzing and proposing enhancements to NeuLion's powered OTT services.

Now without further ado, here are our interns for our 2018 summer internship program.



Hometown: Paris, France

School: University of Chicago

Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: I'm a PADI certified rescue scuba diver.

Accomplishments: I interned at Danone last summer and helped organize their annual Danone Nations Cup, the largest youth soccer tournament in the world. One part of my role was to help fill Red Bull Stadium in New Jersey, the location of the event.

Internship Objectives: I hope to be able to gain valuable experience in the world of social media and marketing, while contributing to NeuLion's marketing strategy and helping improve our social media (digital) presence.


Hometown: Washington D.C.

School: Columbia University    

Major: Philosophy

Fun Fact: I was the happiest person in the world when the Capitals won their first Stanley Cup.

Accomplishments: I previously worked as a research intern at Upper90, a venture firm co-founded by Jason Finger (founder of Seamless). 

Internship Objectives: To help improve NeuLion's marketing strategies and become knowledgeable of the skills needed to be a successful marketer.



School: Stony Brook University 

Major: Masters in Computer Science 

Fun Fact: I enjoy meeting new people and getting the chance to get to know them. 

Accomplishments: I received the "Best Student" award from my undergraduate University during the 2015-2016 academic year. I am also an internationally rated chess player with a FIDE ELO rating of 1787. 

Internship Objectives: I want to gain experience as a data analyst and expand my knowledge towards different horizons. 


Hometown: Oyster Bay, NY 

School: Chapman University    

Major: Computer Science 

Fun Fact: I can play the clarient and saxophone

Accomplishments: I previously worked at the Santa Ana E-Sports arena as an intern. 

Internship Objectives: My goal is to gain real world experience that differs from a classroom environment. I would like to learn to be able to contribute towards something useful for the company. 


Hometown: Fairlawn, NJ 

School: West Virginia University    

Major: Computer Engineering 

Fun Fact: I've been playing the drums and guitar since I was young. 

Accomplishments: Previously, I was an IT Recruiter (intern) for RSC Solutions, which has helped me with my current position as an application developer and researcher for NeuLion.

Internship Objectives: My goal is to gain experience in the development field. I want to learn testing and front & back end development for applications.


Hometown: Lake Grove, NY 

School: Stony Brook University

Major: Pharmacology/Computer Science

Fun Fact: I have been playing violin since I was 7 years old.

Accomplishments: I have a published abstract, and made Nationals on my Science Bowl team when I was younger.

Internship Objectives: I want to see how software development suits me as a potential career path, become fluent in React/Node, and see what software development is like in the professional world.


Hometown: Syosset, NY 

School: Villanova University

Major: Computer Engineering

Fun Fact: I have never seen or read Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Lord of The Rings

Accomplishments: I worked at NeuLion last summer as a QA intern, where I gained the tools necessary to transition over to Development this summer.

Internship Objectives: I hope to get practical experience with development and testing in relation to my passion (sports).



Hometown: Mineola, NY 

School: Rochester Institute of Technology

Major: Software Engineering

Fun Fact: I have a pet tarantula

Accomplishments: This is my 3rd internship. Before this, I had another internship at NeuLion where I developed software that is currently being used by QA, and a different internship at Innovative Systems in Pittsburgh where I developed a tool for copying databases.

Internship Objectives: My goal is to learn more about different languages and tools that can be used for testing.



Hometown: Mount Sinai, NY 

School: University of Tampa

Major: Accounting 

Fun Fact: I played lacrosse for 10 years.

Accomplishments: I won the Greek Honors Award, and I am on the executive board for the IMA organization at my school.

Internship Objectives: I want to gain a better understanding of working in the accounting/finance field and to open myself up to new opportunities.



Hometown: Brooklyn, NY 

School: CUNY Brooklyn College (Alumni)

Major: Business Management

Fun Fact: I played multiple instruments when I was younger and I played collegiate volleyball.

Accomplishments: I used to work for MTV as a business analyst, which in turn helped me with my current position as a Project Management Intern here at NeuLion.

Internship Objectives: My goal is to gain more knowledge on the technology side. I think that the future is heading towards streaming and that eventually TV providers will be obsolete. With this internship, I intend to learn and understand more of the technological side of operations in both front and back end.



Hometown: Farmingdale, NY 

School: Pennsylvania State University

Major: Security and Risk Analysis

Fun Fact: I can play the harmonica while doing yoga.

Accomplishments: I have had perfect attendance in class all throughout high school and college.

Internship Objectives: My goal is to learn more soft and hard skills that can help me grow in the information security field.

Stay tuned for updates from our amazing “Neucomers”, as they continue to learn and contribute to our company throughout the summer.