NeuLion Digital Platform Components: Content Management

Tech Features

In our previous post of this series, we discussed the first component of the NeuLion Digital Platform – Content Preparation. If you haven’t gotten the chance to read it yet, check it out here.


As a rights owner, you want to ensure you have full control over your video library within your OTT service – and that’s exactly what the NeuLion Content Management System (CMS) provides you. Full control over metadata attributes, event content, user management, geo-controls and blackouts, business rules, entitlements and much more. No matter the size of your library, whether it’s 10 videos or 10,000, we make it effortless for you to organize, edit, publish and optimize your content.

Easily Navigate Your Robust Video Library

The NeuLion CMS gives you the ability to search, sort and manage your library without a hassle. Assign categories, labels, tags and detailed descriptions to create an organized and functional platform. Based off your selections, playlists will automatically populate, giving your viewers a user-friendly interface and experience.

Enhance Your Video Content with Detailed Metadata

It’s a business rule of thumb – the more detailed, the better. From titles, descriptions, labels and SEO tags to categories, recommendations, and publishing points, customize numerous fields based on the way you prefer to position your content. Take it one step further by incorporating assets that will add value to your users with interchangeable promotional banners, closed-captioning and subtitles – all managed within the NeuLion CMS. Content can be presented based on attributes including content type, date, and popularity, all organized within a hierarchy based on categorization, actor and season. Ingest an electronic programming guide (EPG) for linear channels, and create and manage live event and game schedules directly within the CMS. Whether you are publishing a live event or on-demand video, add in any-to-all necessary information that is significant to both you as a rights holder and your OTT service.

Understand Your Users

Get full transparency of your users, understanding their packages, transactions, orders and device usage. The NeuLion CMS hosts the full database of your users, allowing you to create

customized reports to enable in-depth analysis. Account inquiries, customer service history, billing history, renewals and account management – such as password resets – are managed by our customer service team using the NeuLion CMS.

Manage Your Service in One Controlled Environment

Publish, package, price and promote your OTT service within one self-serviced platform. Configure various packages and bundles that best match your business needs, alongside a combination of monetization models to drive your content’s return on investment. Select the content type – live channels, live events or VOD -- set the price of packages, define content access policies such as geographic availability and blackouts, platform and device coverage and offer campaign and discount pricing, all within your CMS’ admin dashboard.

After content management the next component of the NeuLion Digital Platform is marketing.  Stay tuned for our next blog post in this series to learn more about NeuLion’s marketing capabilities.