Using 'Watch Data' to Grow Your OTT Business


What is ‘Watch Data’? As consumers connect, transact and stream OTT services, audience data or “watch data” is constantly collected, providing meaningful insights into consumer behaviors and trends related to attracting and keeping subscribers.


How is ‘Watch Data’ collected? Consumer watch, experience and engagement data is generated and fed into NeuLion Ace Analytics™, a component of the NeuLion® Digital Platform, where real-time big data processing produces customizable dashboards to visualize the success of your business.  


“We’re able to collect a significant amount of data. Data that is relevant to what people are watching, what devices they are watching content on, all the transactions that occur, especially with our customers that keep content behind a paywall, and all the different device preferences users have.“ - Chris Wagner, Executive Vice President, NeuLion


What can you learn from ‘Watch Data’?

  • Subscriber Lifetime Value
  • Online Engagement Metrics
  • Programming Effectiveness
  • Retention Rates
  • Churn Management
  • Device Penetration
  • Revenue Tracking & Trending
  • Trial Marketing


“We’re aggregating this data to pull out certain insights and visualize it so you can do exploratory discovery of the data – and this is data you can’t really get anywhere else. OTT Data – you have more data than any other way of delivering your content, so that is why NeuLion Ace Analytics is here to allow you to go in and work with this data to continually optimize business value.” - David Dwyer, Vice President of Analytics, NeuLion


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