To Build or Buy -That is the Question


The sports and entertainment media industry is operating in a world of unprecedented customer choice, competition, and complexity of delivery. Consumers have more choices than ever before and they want the ability to access both live and on-demand content and, most importantly, content relevant to their interests.


OTT services are continually popping up everywhere, ultimately giving consumers more choices in the content they consume and how they consume it. In this rapidly changing environment one key question arises: how do content owners and content rights holders adapt and thrive? Success will come from taking advantage of the opportunities that present themselves as newer technology and services continue to evolve.


We are at the forefront of technology innovation, elevating video consumption on OTT services to seemingly unlimited heights. With ever increasing customer expectations for easily accessible, high-quality, device-agnostic video, your OTT delivery strategy must be ready to innovate.


For content owners and content rights holders, accelerating the delivery time between an OTT

service launch and its availability for live and on-demand viewing translates directly into increased ROI. Many organizations today are considering building their own OTT platforms by licensing technology from multiple vendors or, alternatively, working with a managed

services partner.


Ask yourself, should I build my own OTT service with multiple vendors or invest in a managed service with only one provider?


NeuLion's latest e-book, Does Your OTT Service Have Too Many Moving Parts ?, dives deeper into the differences between an in-house implemented OTT service and OTT services delivered by a managed service provider.