NeuLion Neucomers: Summer Finale

Company Culture

We can’t believe it! Our ten weeks at NeuLion have flown by. The time we’ve spent here has allowed us to grow in our respective fields and form personal connections around the office. We are so appreciative of our time here, and the knowledge that we’ve gained.

Being part of this internship program has been an experience like no other. In many of our other internships, there was no driving force to bring interns across varying departments together. At NeuLion, however, we as interns were able to work together and learn as a group, away from daily departmental work.

We were given the task of conducting a single, collaborative research project to provide enhanced content streaming recommendations to NeuLion’s executive team. Weekly project meetings provided us with a comprehensive understanding of the OTT streaming industry and helped us become a more close-knit group. Working toward a common goal motivated us as a team, which fostered the seamless transition from colleagues to friends.

Georgina: “A piece of advice I would give to future interns is to keep an open mind, whether this be in regard to environment, department, etc., and always understand the importance of making the most of what is offered to you. When applying for summer internships I was aiming for a company with a large marketing department, but as I began working at NeuLion, I quickly realized that being able to dabble in many facets of this field gave me the broader experience that I had been looking for. This summer has been filled with learning and friendship and I could not be happier with the 10 weeks that I was able to spend at NeuLion.”

Cam: “Interning at NeuLion has been such a rewarding experience. Not only have I been able to get a fuller grasp of the company’s inner workings, but I’ve had the pleasure of being surrounded by a great group who made coming to work all the more enjoyable. At NeuLion, I am surrounded by people that hold me to a high standard and encourage me to put my best foot forward. I can honestly say that each and every one of us brought something to the table, which always kept the environment lively and dynamic. I learned that in order to make work more enjoyable, it is imperative to interact with everyone around you; you never know who you’ll meet!”

We’re sad to say that this summer’s NeuLion Neucomers series is coming to an end. Each week, we looked forward to letting our creative juices flow to collaborate on posts for our readers. We hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into NeuLion’s first-ever internship program. NeuLion is not solely focused on delivering exemplary video service, but takes just as much pride in helping interns, managers, and departments grow together! With this mind, we want to thank each one of our supervisors and colleagues for making this the most gratifying internship experience each of has had thus far.