What Google Does for Car Traffic, NeuLion Does for Video Traffic

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Using QoS and QoE Data to Stay Competitive

Digital video is a rapidly growing market, expected to reach more than $100 billion by the year 2020. As industry leaders such as Netflix and YouTube take advantage of this on a larger scale, many other brands are finding ways to move into the space as well. Businesses that once largely operated on traditional television platforms have shifted their offerings to the internet, where they can reach the large base of consumers who now stream video content.

Now that video streaming has gone mainstream, however, consumers have also grown to expect fast, reliable service. They have little patience for stream slowdowns or glitches. If a site provides consistent instability, it will soon find it loses customers to the many competitors who offer a pleasant user experience. But how does your business guarantee that experience when viewership levels can fluctuate from one day to the next?

Benefits of Video Data

Thanks to advancements in technology, everything from national poker tournaments to high school football games can now be streamed online. In doing so, organizations can promote brand awareness, generate community support and even sell ad space to help bring in extra money. This can help businesses form a stronger bond with customers, thus increasing loyalty. Video data also provides content rights holders and media companies an inside-look into their digital business, allowing them to make a series of adjustments based off customer experiences, engagement and trends.

Quality of Service Trends

Consumer expectations are at an all-time high. Not only do they demand a high-quality video experience, but the ability to watch the content they prefer, when and where they want to. Now, this is shifting to an industry standard. Quality of Service (QoS) allows content right holders and media companies to analyze and track the delivery performance of their content, ensuring viewers' expectations are exceeded. From monitoring bitrate and CDN performance through to video resolution, any OTT service should have an analytics and monitoring tool that alerts them to any inconsistencies or errors.

Quality of Experience Trends

Just as customer experience is an essential part of the service a business provides, Quality of Experience (QoE) sets standards for video streaming[AA1] . Everything from lags between pressing “play” and seeing the video start to errors and buffering time during playback can affect a service's QoE score. It's important to choose a hosting platform that can handle fluctuating demand and regularly monitor performance to ensure it meets your QoE standards.

If you're relying on over-the-top (OTT) media distribution, it's important to regularly measure your service to make sure it meets your current QoS and QoE standards. A smooth, reliable experience is essential to remaining competitive in a growing market, but in order to make sure you're achieving that, you should closely monitor your QoS and continue to make improvements. Keeping all of the above in consideration, how do you ensure you're truly taking the right approach to monitoring your video?

When it comes to analyzing video traffic and data, here are some of the core elements you want to be able to measure:

  • What's my main source of traffic?
  • What devices are my subscribers watching video on?
  • How long are they watching video(s)?
  • How far into the content do my viewers fall off?
  • How many different devices is each user viewing content on?
  • What was the average overall quality of service and quality of experience score?

These are just a few of the common questions content providers seem to be asking. Now the main question is, how do they get answered – NeuLion.

NeuLion allows you to put an end to the guessing game by leveraging actionable insights and data to monitor how your service is performing, to ensure your viewers are receiving the best possible experience so they watch longer and return often. As part of the NeuLion Digital Platform, the OTT Dashboard gives you a comprehensive view into your OTT video business in real-time, allowing you to analyze quality of service and experience, and observe key viewing metrics including audience size, location, device usage, video quality and CDN loading. Take it a step further and drill down to the individual user level to see who is watching, from where and on what device. With five NeuLion Operation Centers and hundreds of skilled broadcast technicians, live editors and customer service representatives around the world, our team ensures your live video streams run smoothly, leaving your users completely satisfied with their viewing experience.