NeuLion Watch Data Insights


Comprehensive cross screen video engagement trends and usage metrics to help you grow your OTT business.

As consumers connect, transact and stream OTT services powered by NeuLion, aggregate audience data or “watch data” is collected in the backend to provide meaningful insights as it relates to attracting and keeping OTT subscribers, including consumer engagement metrics, programming effectiveness, lifetime value, retention rates and the results from marketing efforts.

NeuLion delivers the digital experiences for many of the largest entertainment, sports and media brands around the world, including NFL Game Pass, NBA League Pass International, UFC.TV and UFC Fight Pass, Univision Now, Poker Go, BTN2Go, Sky Sports, Eleven Sports Network, English Football League and others.

NeuLion’s “Watch Data” Insights Reports will analyze this aggregated data and showcase views that demonstrate the changing nature of video consumption and how marketers can leverage opportunities for increasing lifetime value and strategies for profitable revenue growth.

CURRENT INSIGHT: watching content on more than one device increases lifetime value by over 250%

This Insight Report is focused around device penetration and usage. Across the NeuLion Network, the device mix over time has changed drastically towards a more even split of desktop, mobile and connected device usage uncovering that watching content on more than one consumer device increases subscriber lifetime value by over 250%.