Senior Software Engineer (SDK team)
Location: San Diego (University City)


NeuLion is the worldwide leader in creating interactive digital experiences for viewers across the worlds of professional sports, college athletics, cable and entertainment networks. We deliver, distribute and monetize live and on-demand content across every Internet-connected device imaginable and stand at the forefront of the media-technology revolution. There’s a reason the world’s biggest brands including NBA, Univision, SKY, NFL, UFC, English Football League, World Surf League, Big Ten Network, the Ivy League and more, trust and rely on us: we are proven to provide the world’s most dynamic and interactive digital experiences that are shaping the future of digital TV.

We’re a growing office in San Diego, located near UTC, focused on offering the best living room experience for streaming on large screen devices. If you’ve watched UFC 4K on Sony Android TV and loved the experience, that’s our technology at work! We own all the technology from the encoding the satellite feed at the arena to the playback engine running on the TV!

We support flexible schedules, generous PTO, career growth, great health benefits. We believe in great teams, build great products and we are an engineering centric organization. Everyone in engineering writes code (including your managers). We believe in transparency, we believe in integrity, and we’re not scared to make tough decisions. We also don’t work in cubes, so if you love working in an open environment, this office is the place for you.


We are looking for natural leaders and strong engineers who take pride in their work. We don’t want this to be a 9 to 5 job for you, we want you to love what you do everyday but we also want you to have a work life balance. We don’t want you to live in a cube so you will be expected to engage daily with your co-workers. We want diverse, unique, and passionate individuals.

If you think C/C++ is your best skill but you also find that programming in other languages fun then this is the job for you. If you bought a Raspberry Pi (or something similar) to build something fun this is the job for you. If you’re a maker and build things at home just because it’s fun, then we want you. If you see a problem and you’re natural tendency is to fix it, then we want you. If you’re not satisfied with the status quo at home and at work, then you should apply. If you believe in KISS, then you may be the one for our team.


Your primary responsibility will be to be an expert in adaptive streaming protocols such as DASH and HLS, multimedia frameworks, notably OpenMAX and GStreamer but that’s where you start, not where you will be in the future. You may have to work on end to end systems and this job may ask you to be flexible and highly adaptive. You will have to program in multiple languages and learn multiple technologies.


●     Engineer solutions that are agile in design, lean in implementation, and flexible for the future.

●     Write a lot of tests for the solutions you write and always approach problems “test-first”

●     [FOR SENIORS] Write design documents

●     [FOR SENIORS] Communicate your designs


●     Strong proficiency in C/C++ [SENIORS] 5-7+ years

●     Moderate working proficiency in another language such as Java/JS/Python

●     You know and are proficient in both Linux and Windows working environments.

●     You know how to research using the internet and ask intelligent questions to get the right answers.

●     You should be familiar with common data structures and their uses.

●     You are familiar with Continuous Integration.

●     You can read technical specifications such as GStreamer, HLS, DASH and communicate your understanding to your peers.

●     You are proficient at mock frameworks and know when and where to use them.

●     You are proficient at unit testing frameworks.

●     You can communicate your design ideas in documents.


Please submit your application to