Corporate Governance

The board of directors of NeuLion, Inc. believes that sound corporate governance practices are essential to contributing to the effective and efficient decision making of management and the board of directors and to the enhancement of shareholder value. The board of directors and management believe that NeuLion, Inc. has a sound governance structure in place.

Board of Directors

Nancy Li (Chair)
Roy Reichbach (CEO)
Charles Wang
Gabriel Battista*
Robert E. Bostrom*
John A. Coelho*
James R. Hale*
David Kronfeld*
Shirley Strum Kenny*
Edward G. Goren*
Board Mandate

The board of directors has formed the following committees to assist the board in fulfilling its responsibilities.

Audit Committee

James R. Hale (Chair)*
Shirley Strum Kenny*
David Kronfeld*
Audit Committee Charter

Compensation Committee

David Kronfeld (Chair)*
Shirley Strum Kenny*
Gabriel A. Battista*
Compensation Committee Charter

Nominating Committee

Robert E. Bostrom (Chair)*
John A. Coelho*
Gabriel A. Battista*
Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter

*Independent directors.