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Why is this important? Consumption of online, mobile, tablet and connected TV video content is at an all time high. This boasts an incredible opportunity for networks, rights holders and publishers to open up new digital ad inventory and generate new sources of revenue not previously possible. On the other hand, effectively distributing ads online can be challenging. However, NeuLion and FreeWheel have integrated their technolgy platforms to provide BTN with a seamless live video delivery solution complete with live dynamic advertising.

This solution allows BTN to:
✔ Serve dynamic mid-roll in live 24x7 channel and live games on web, mobile and tablet.
✔ Deploy pre, mid and post roll ads nationally and locally thereby increasing ad inventory.
✔ Trigger ads with various business rules.
✔ And much more...

Download the full BTN2Go Live Digital Video Advertising Case Study
Learn details on the technology integration, how it works (charts included) and the benefits BTN received from this innovative solution.

“It’s a huge new advertising force,” Michael Calderon, VP of Programming and Digital Media for BTN says. “As we have more and more consumption of video on BTN2Go, we’ll be creating addition ad inventory to feed the marketplace.”