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BTN and NeuLion launch a revamped BTN2Go for the 2016-2017 school year, featuring immense user personalization, new school-specific video content, improved social features and integrated tools such as school emojis to enhance the fan experience.

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NeuLion has created a hyper-personalized experience where fans can select their favorite school and then get instant access to original video content direct from both their favorite athletic department and BTN, curated key social content and quick access to the next big game, all within a school-branded experience.


New additions allow BTN fans to personalize their mobile experience with custom notifications to make sure they don't miss any of the action. Additionally, fans can cheer together or tease rival fans with the custom BTNmoji keyboard that natively integrates dozens of custom emojis, stickers and GIFs to perfectly represent the thrilling and heartbreaking ups and downs of being a true fan.


NeuLion’s advertising solution has enabled BTN to deliver dynamic mid-roll ads to live video, along with standard pre- and post- ads, increasing inventory and thus revenue from longer-form content. And with intelligent targeting of ads nationally and locally by device, location, or business rule, BTN is able increase the value of an ad spot and drive monetization of video. Learn more about the Live Mid-Roll Advertising


As part of the NeuLion® Digital Platform, the NeuLion OTT Dashboard ensures the best quality video is delivered to all viewers while driving revenue. With continual data collection at the subscriber and device level, NeuLion delivers real-time metrics to analyze every single viewer by device, bitrates, location and more.

The OTT Dashboard also enables BTN to make business decisions based on real-time critical data analytics and global intelligence to enhance content offerings, attract new customers and retain existing customers all the while driving more revenue for their OTT service.

"The NeuLion Digital Platform and its OTT Dashboard provides all the data and more that we need to deliver the highest quality service to our viewers," said Michael Calderon, Vice President Programming and Digital Media at The Big Ten Network. "We have been able to take all of the data and make real-time decisions that help reduce customer churn, drive subscriptions through customer acquisitions, retention and satisfaction, while optimizing our marketing efforts based on the results of the OTT Dashboard."

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