Consumer Electronics Licensing
NeuLion licenses technology to the biggest brands in consumer electronics to enable high-quality video streaming up to 4K Ultra HD. The NeuLion 4K Streaming SDK enables Ultra HD connected devices to stream live sports and entertainment delivered by the NeuLion Digital Platform.

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Univision Deportes Live 4K Streaming

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The Ultimate 4K Experience
The NeuLion 4K Streaming Software Development Kit (SDK) is the premier solution for CE manufacturers to quickly add support for HEVC high frame rate streaming (up to 4Kp60). The adaptive protocol is engineered for efficient, secure, live and on-demand streaming of high value sports and entertainment content services powered by the NeuLion Digital Platform. The NeuLion 4K Streaming SDK is designed to provide the highest quality streaming experience for viewers with interactive features including full DVR control, chapter points, integrated metadata, instant replay, slow-motion and timeline event markers.

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Certified Quality
Licensees of the NeuLion 4K Streaming SDK also receive a Certification Test Kit (CTK) designed to verify dozens of features and verify performance under high stress conditions. The CTK makes it easy for licensees to check each stage of the development and integration process. After integration, each implementation undergoes final, rigorous testing in one of the NeuLion certification centers operating around the globe.

In addition to licensing technology for streaming sports and entertainment, NeuLion also offers DivX certification for consumer electronics devices in the DivX ecosystem.

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