What We Do
Secure Streaming
NeuLions multi-DRM solution consists of a cloud-based infrastructure, designed for protecting live and on-demand video streams; consisting of license key servers and tight integrations in to the NeuLion Digital Platform.
Robust Features
Our solution offers best-in-class features that ensure our customer's content is securely distributed and played over-the-top on the services and devices it is intended for including DRM support, entitlement and rights management, encrypted media extensions, application whitelisting, fingerprinting and more.
Flexible Purchase Options
NeuLion supports all popular purchase models including purchase (EST), subscription, time-based rental and ad supported.
Our Work: LG 4K Bundle with 20th Century Fox Studios
LG was the first CE manufacturer to adopt DivX DRM and Player technology to provide Secure Content with its Next Gen TVs. LG adopted the DivX DRM and secure player technology, part of the DivX HEVC solution, based on its robust security, ease of integration and flexible use-cases.