NeuLion® Digital Platform

The NeuLion® Digital Platform provides digital video broadcasting, distribution and monetization of live and on-demand sports and entertainment content to any connected device. NeuLion’s technology powers the digital experience for leading brands around the world, delivering the highest quality video, up to Ultra HD/4K, with advanced interactive features for consumers globally.

And with no 3rd-party vendor integrations required, NeuLion simplifies your contract, development, and support into ONE single-source to get you to market easier and faster.


TRUE End-to-End Turnkey Digital Platform,
With NO 3rd-Party Vendors Required

While others require 3rd-party vendors to deliver you an ‘end-to-end’ platform,
only NeuLion owns and operates all pieces of the video workflow, providing you with the only
complete, single-source digital video platform in the industry.

The NeuLion® Digital Platform utilizes NeuLion technology to provide a flexible solution
that spans the entire digital video workflow and supports the latest technologies including

Increase Engagement, Differentiate Your Service and
Unlock New Revenue Streams

Seamlessly Extend Audience Reach Across Multiple Screens

Flexibility - One Platform Supports All Types of Digital Experiences

The NeuLion® Digital Platform can support any kind of entertainment service:

Drive Revenue -
Monetize Content Using any
Combination of Business Models

Content rights holders can monetize content using any combination of business models to deliver multiple services within a single unified experience and unlock additional revenues.



Engage Your Audience and Manage the Quality of Service

Analyze key viewing metrics including audience size, audience location, device usage, video quality, viewer bandwidth, content usage, CDN loading and download detailed analytics reports.

The NeuLion Difference

Constantly on the edge of innovation, NeuLion is the leader in creating and growing powerful digital businesses for content owners worldwide.
  • Speed time to market
  • Drive new revenue
  • Multi-dimensional monetization
  • Reduce complexities for content rights holders
  • Combination of software, technology and operational services
  • Create meaningful experience that engage, retain and grow your customers or viewers

Proven Scalable Platform

The world’s largest sports and entertainment brands use the NeuLion® Digital Platform to speed their services to market and create meaningful experiences for their viewers.

Last year, the NeuLion Digital Platform did: